Top Mom Friendly Employers

As a working mother you are looking for the right work environment to integrate with your family commitments and lifestyle.

Many small and medium size businesses are just discovering the benefits to be gained by embracing flexibility in their workplace in exchange for the increased productivity and experience that a working mother can bring.

Many large organizations have recognized the importance of diversity in their workforce and continue to raise the bar on family-friendly benefits, such as flexible work from home schedules, paid parental leave and on-site backup child care facilities.

Our Top Mom Friendly Employers are companies that are committed to providing a working environment that is supportive of working mothers because they recognize both the value of their skills, commitment and contributions and because it simply makes good business sense to have a positive diverse workforce that can contribute to their success. Many of the organizations highlighted below have received awards and recognition for their initiatives and programs that support working mothers in the workplace.

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - Arise

Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. is the world’s leading provider of virtual business solutions to many top brands in the US, UK and Canada. Moms working as independent contractors from their home office, can schedule themselves to service, in 30 minute increments, to provide high-quality voice, e-mail, and chat customer service on behalf of a client they choose.
The flexibility of virtual call centers are well positioned to capitalize on the growing trend of Insourcing, which reverses large scale off-shore outsourcing. Thus, providing moms with the opportunity to work as Independent Business Owners from home, setting their own schedule, and providing sales, customer service and technical support for some of the most well-known companies in the world.
Many of the thousands of independent contractors partnering with Arise have posted fun videos to show the work life balance they have in their daily routine.

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - Microsoft

HQ: Redmond, WA, 53,492 Employees, 24 % Women

Microsoft flexible hours and work from home options as well as the ability to utilize sick days for family member’s illness give employees a range of options. In addition the company provides working parent excellent backup support - 100 hours of emergency care available each year including access to an in-home caregiver, at cost to employee of just $4 per hour for up to three dependents. Alternatively, kids can be dropped off at a local center that's equipped to look after mildly ill children, which costs $2 per hour and parents have access to a 24/7 nursing hotline. To encourage giving back Microsoft will donate $17 to a charitable organization for every hour an employee spends volunteering for its cause.

Women managers/execs 19%
Women on board of directors 20%

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - GE

HQ: Fairfield, CT, 135,159 Employees, 29 % Women

GE has extensive programs in place to educate its employees across 1,061 locations. Working mothers have access to $5,000 in annual tuition aid and can attend multiyear career programs in engineering, human resources, sales and other area. The company’s Women’s network definitely thinks big too, with its annual conference showing attendees how to improve their health, finances, careers and relationships. Parents can utilize the company’s 529 plans, higher-education loans and family scholarships.

Women managers/execs 29%
Women among top earners 23%
Women hires in 2010 34%
Average weeks of fully paid maternity leave offered: 6
Allows new moms to “phase back” into work with reduced hours? Yes
Offers affinity group for new mothers? Yes
Offers backup childcare? Yes
Employees working flexibly 75%

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - IBM

HQ: Armonk, NY, 426,751 Employees, 30 % Women

89% of IBM employees said their managers supported their efforts to balance work and life

All IBM’s employees have access to a flexible work schedule with close to 40% of the company telecommuting at points in the year and more than 15,000 remote workers utilizing the company’s 24 OTTO (Other Than Traditional Office) networking groups. The company is further supporting this new world of work with free seminars like “Success Strategies for Teleworkers” and the “Working Woman’s Survival Course: Practical Help for Creating Balance in Your Life”. Parents who don’t live near the company’s three child-care centers can take their kids to 141 additional facilities or use up to 25 days of backup care per year. Parents of teens can access a college-coaching program and scholarships that average about $3,000, while every employee gets six hours of free eldercare assistance annually.

Women managers/execs 29%
Women among top earners 20%
Women hires in 2010 25%
Average weeks of fully paid maternity leave offered: 7
Allows new moms to “phase back” into work with reduced hours? Yes
Offers backup childcare? Yes
Employees working flexibly 100%

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - Intel

HQ: Santa Clara, CA, 45,072 Employees, 24 % Women

Intel provides a great backup childcare program. With an ongoing skills shortage in the engineering fields Intel has initiatives in place to unlock dormant talent in the market and search for skilled mothers that could return to the workforce. The company provides professional-development workshops and Career Day’s. At least 4,000 female employees participate in events hosted by the Women at Intel network, from speed-mentoring sessions to multiple leadership conferences. Up-and-coming senior women involved in the new Extend Our Reach program receive sponsorship from 28 of the company’s female executives, who provide key insights on achieving success and accelerating their rise. If they have a technical bent, employees may be invited into the Women Principal Engineers and Fellows Forum, which arranges stretch assignments and coaching.

Women managers/execs 18%
Women hires in 2010 24%
Allows new moms to “phase back” into work with reduced hours? Yes
Offers affinity group for new mothers? Yes
Offers backup childcare? Yes
Employees working flexibly 80%

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - Johnson & Johnson

HQ: New Brunswick, NJ, 35,831 Employees, 47 % Women

Johnson & Johnson employees have access to flexible schedules and can utilize its LIFE 360 website, to get training, forms and profiles of successful users. With a long established reputation for “putting moms first” the company provides on-site health coaches to help employees lose weight, eat better, quit smoking and start working out in the company’s fitness centers or exercise rooms in 39 locations.

Women managers/execs 46%
Women among top earners 35%
Women hires in 2010 47%
Average weeks of fully paid maternity leave offered: 4
Allows new moms to “phase back” into work with reduced hours? Yes
Offers backup childcare? Yes
Employees working flexibly 75%

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - Kellogg Company

HQ: New Brunswick, NJ, 35,831 Employees, 47 % Women

Kellogg’s” Feeling Gr-r-reat” wellness program offers $1,100 in annual incentives to salaried and nonunion employees. Quit a cigarette habit and cut $700 off health insurance premiums; enroll in health coaching and deduct another $100. Take a physical or do laps with a kid's soccer team and get a $50 reward. The company offers fFree blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screenings annually at many locations, and health and dental insurance is available to anyone who works 20 hours per week. Parents who need to take their kids on a business trip for Kellogg have their child-care costs fully reimbursed by the company

Women managers, senior managers and corporate execs 26%
Women among top earners 33%
Women on board of directors 17%

GajGal Top Mom Friendly Employers - Kraft Food

HQ: New Brunswick, NJ, 35,831 Employees, 47 % Women

Women received 50% of all management and leadership training, career counseling and executive coaching at Kraft Foods in 2010.

At Kraft’s major sites moms can take kickboxing classes, perform sun salutations or climb elliptical machines whenever they get a break from work, just by visiting their employer’s gyms. Access to flexible schedules makes life easier and almost all workers telecommute when their schedules allow, and many compress their weeks, job-share or flex their days around the core hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Besides generous maternity leave, parents wanting to adopt a child have access to an employee assistance program to find reputable agencies and consultants and tap $5,000 in aid to cover their costs. Parents of teens have access to college coaching and renewable scholarships worth an average of $7,520 annually.

Women managers/execs 38%
Women among top earners 41%
Women hires in 2010 39%
Average weeks of fully paid maternity leave offered: 2
Allows new moms to “phase back” into work with reduced hours? Yes
Employees working flexibly 100%

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