Parents Spending Less Than an Hour a Day With Their Kids

A recent survey carried out for Virgin Holidays and Universal Orlando Resort finds that: 'Families are busier than ever". Families are spending little over half an hour quality time together during the week because of the demands of modern life.  The poll of 2,000 parents found that parents and children have less than eight hours together in total each week.

Weekends are best with an average of two hours and twenty minutes on both Saturdays and Sundays given over to family time.  But during the week the amount of time shrinks to just 36 minutes on average each day as families juggle work, chores, school routines and evening clubs. And even when families do get together seven in ten parents say the time is spent in silence in front of the TV because they are busy reading, playing computer games or simply too tired to talk.

The survey also found that grandparents miss out on time with their children and grandchildren with the average family visiting grandparents six times a year.  Concern about the lack of time grandparents spend with their grandchildren meant thatt 65 per cent of parents surveyed have, or are considering, arranging a holiday with them

Top ten reasons for not getting enough quality time

1. Myself or my partner work long hours

2. We spend our evenings/weekend keeping up with household chores

3. The children are at school when I'm not working

4. The children are often watching TV

5. Myself or my partner work anti-social hours

6. The children are often playing computer games

7. The children are at an age where they don't really want to spend time with us

8. The children are often out with friends

9. The children spend their evenings studying

10. We spend a lot of time at various sports/after school clubs separately

According to Universal Orlando Resort's 'From the point of view of the youngsters, while our research found 17 per cent said their children were at an age when they didn't want to spend time with their parents, we believe that a holiday is the perfect time to do this if they choose a location which can cater to everyone's needs.'

They added: 'The pace of modern life can too often mean that multiple generations of families spending time together is the exception, rather than the rule. 'And when it does happen it's often an 'occasion' requiring everyone to behave in a certain way.

'With the summer holidays looming though, we'd urge families to see it as a time to re-establish bonds and create some really precious memories.'

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