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Great apps for the busy parents

It may seem counterintuitive, but amping up your smartphone with these handy Apps will actually make unplugging that much easier, since you know you've got your bases covered. Check them out, download a few, and we bet you won’t be able to remember what life was like without them.

Grocery IQ

Cut your grocery bill and the time you spend at the supermarket in half with this streamlined app. It’s got all the standard tricks, like creating virtual shopping lists that allow you to check off items as you move through the aisles. You can also get really hi-tech and scan the barcodes of products you want to stock up on. Plus, Grocery IQ feeds off coupons.com, which is pretty much the ultimate discount resource. Download and search free coupons, automatically add them to your store card, and never pay full price for staple items ever again.

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CollegeSave estimates the cost of a four-year institution and tells you how much you should be setting aside monthly. It’ll even alert you if the amount you’re actually saving isn’t going to cover the bill, so you can rethink your spending. Though you may balk when you see how insane tuition’s going to be in the future, planning will take away some of the sting, and it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

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Mint.com’s app makes the "CFO of your household" job a whole lot less intimidating than it sounds. The app does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending for you. Skip tedious receipt data-entry? All-in-one money management for credit cards, bank accounts, investments, income, budgeting and expenditures.

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Baby Timer

New parents, here’s your life preserver. Baby Timer keeps track of diaper changes, nursing sessions, naptime, baby weight, pumping sessions…you get the idea. Obviously, your baby’s got his or her own built in alarm system for alerting you of certain overdue duties, but we’d personally prefer to stay on top of things and avoid wailing if possible.

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Martha Stewart's Everyday Food

As with all things food related, Martha Stewart has you totally covered when it comes to conquering the daily dinnertime dilemma. With this app, you have at your fingertips tons of quick, easy-to-access recipes. No time to head to the grocery store? Search for recipes by ingredients you already have in your cupboard. Want to put your crock-pot to good use? Browse recipes by cooking method. Totally fried, but have time to stop at the supermarket on your way home? Get recipes delivered to you daily. Thanks, Martha. Now, can you plan our kids’ school lunches for us?

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Got itchy feet, but the thought of planning a family vacation steers you to the verge of a nervous breakdown? TripIt makes the process a little less stressful by organizing everyone’s itineraries in one place and thereby streamlining the check-in process. In addition, the app provides you with directions to and from your destinations, links to hotels and restaurants, and tracks your frequent flyer accounts.

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Mom Maps

Regardless of weather conditions, Mom Maps has you covered when you feel like changing up your usual haunts. The app is a comprehensive database for kid-friendly parks, playgrounds, restaurant, museums, and indoor play areas—complete with reviews by parents, for parents.

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Hate the discomfort of owing people money, or vice versa? Venmo makes coordinating paying for dinners with the crew, splitting cabs, and planning movie dates with friends a breeze. Never again will you have to worry about having cash to pay the bill when you go out with a big group, or think twice about sharing a taxi because you and your fellow rider only have your credit cards handy. This app allows you to securely make and share payments with friends instantaneously, without the hassle of trading bank account information.

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Fitness Express Workouts

Fitness Express Workouts, run by the muscle behind Fitness magazine, has got you covered when it comes to quick, effective workout routines. The app features a wide selection of 15-minute exercise routines, from ab blasters to butt lifters, and everything in between, including tips for total body workouts. The instructions come complete with videos and photos to ensure you’re executing the routines properly. Plus, log your workout routines to track your progress and share your success with workout buddies to stay motivated.

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Flipboard was designed with busy parents in mind. On the run, and don’t have time to check all your myriad social media accounts individually? Create your own makeshift magazine compiled from your Twitter stream, Facebook feed, Flickr network, and so forth. The layout is easy to digest and the app tailors posts to your interests, so you don’t have to wade through thousands of dull tweets or status updates to get the information that’s really of interest to you.

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With all the different accounts, emails, and website logins we amass in this virtual age, forgetting a password is an inevitability. 1Password generates strong, unique passwords for your various accounts, then allows you to protect all your data behind a single master password of your choosing. You can also securely store credit card, passport, bank account, addresses, and other pertinent information in the app. 1Password’s auto-fill capabilities make online shopping on your smartphone or tablet dangerously easy and subscribing to newsletters completely painless.

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