Prevention of ACL injuries in children and adolescents
The number of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries reported in athletes younger than 18 years has increased over the past 2 decades. Reasons for the increasing ACL injury rate include the growing number of children and adolescents participating in organized sports, intensive sports training at ...


Don't forget breakfast in bed this Mother's Day
With a little forward planning and artful offstage direction from dad - Breakfast in bed on Mother's Day can be a wonderful thing, despite left over crumbs on the sheets. If you need a little help to “drop a hint” give a pointer to some of these guidelines. The key to success is to give...


Wife of Britain's deputy PM says men who share childcare duties have "more cojones"
Speaking to Cityfathers, a group which supports working parents in London's financial district, Miriam González Durántez, the wife of Britain's deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, announced that men such as her husband had "more cojones" than men who did not share childcare duties with t...


How to choose the right summer camp for your child
Before you know it summer will be upon us and your summer time will not be easy or breezy if you don’t find the right summer camp for your child.  American Camp Association has some great advice for how to choose and preparing for camp When beginning the camp selection process, cons...


Some Fun Indoor Activities For Kids
Spring is here, and with it comes warmer days, blossoming gardens – and the rainy season. Just as kids are starting to get excited about breaking out of the house, they get sidelined with the wet weather. Here are some fun –and even educational – indoor activities for kids to keep ...


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What we offer

GajGal is an expanding community of mothers helping mothers. Our motto “Get a Job | Get a Life” is based on the belief that for mothers wanting to get back into the workforce, finding a job with “the right level” of flexibility, empowers working mothers to live life on their own terms and better control their own destiny.
GajGal aims to address this “new reality” through four core components:

  • 1. Job Search and Matching tools to streamline finding the perfect fit for flexible work arrangements.
  • 2. Access to Benefits that in the traditional work environment have been provided by full time employers. GajGal helps to provide a critical mass of members to ensure access to a range of benefits options that we are continually working to expand and improve on.
  • 3. Working Mother Community to provide access to news, blogs and articles of interest and importance to working mothers and a social networking community that working mothers can interact with and draw on for support.
  • 4. The Entrepreneur Zone is for mothers aiming to start their own business and expand on the concepts of working mothers helping working mothers succeed.

Success stories

GajGal Testimonial

Shayne Duke
“Using your Benefits link made it easy to select from a wide range of health insurance offerings and narrow down the various plans available that best fit my needs. Being able to make a side by side comparison of the details further helped me make an informed decision on a plan with great rates. The application is swift and uncomplicated”

GajGal Testimonial

Amy Rogers
“ WOW this is a fantastic idea aimed at a true need. I have had a hard time preparing to go back to work after staying home with my two kids for the past 4 years. I am so excited to start adding my requirements and get started on the search. The Latest News and Benefits are an excellent idea. I would come here to read this even if I wasn't looking for a job right now”