Employer Offerings

GajGal provides Employers with a structured framework for finding great talent in the “New World of Work”. As companies tackle the challenges of finding diverse skilled resources in the changing work environment, mothers that want to participate in the workforce on acceptable terms, compromise an extensive skill base. GajGal’s database and search options allow Employers to post jobs and find potential candidates with a number of detailed options to help fine tune any flexible work arrangements that may apply to the position

Create your GajGal Employer account. You will then be able to select a sign up option that is ideal for your organization size; either listing individual jobs, unlimited job postings for a year, or a full annual membership with the ability to manage and administer multiple HR contact logins and company subsidiary job postings. The plus options provide full access to the GajGal search engine and daily matching, suggestions and prioritization of potential candidates. You can find additional information on this page to help you determine the best offering for your organization. Join us on this journey into the “New World of Work”. Sign up and find the right talent to get the job done.

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